Games and applications for fun and perfecting your tricks​

ValoJump comes with entertaining games and applications preinstalled. Some are designed to help beginners learn basic skills, while others aid the more serious trampolinists to improve theirs.

Girl playing Toywatch trampoline game

The games are designed to make the learning of basic trampoline skills fun. Now anybody can enjoy a good trampoline session without feeling a need to do backflips.

Key Features

  • Suitable for any skill level, size and age.
  • Superb training for coordination skills and jump heights.
  • Gets even more experienced jumpers out of breath when they go for the high score.

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Single Player Games


Trax gets its name from the new highly accurate tracking technology and choreographed tracks. Trax invites the player to follow specific tracks and to strike indicated poses in the air. The game is about using hands and feet to collect nodes while being as quick and as precise you possibly can!

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Skytails tramploine game is great for getting fit

Bounce through the skies! Tree branches, little islets and clouds work as your steps up. But be careful. Goats may ram you off the islands or stormy clouds may zap you with a thunderbolt.

Skytails is a great way to learn control jump height and position on a trampoline. And working your way through the levels you will get in shape as well!


Toywatch makes you jump to different heights

You are on the toywatch! Defend the sand castle from an onslaught of flying beach toys.

Jump back and forth on the bridge to whack the toys to deflate them before they hit the castle. Remember to catch potions and spades for help, but beware the octopuses and other lurking dangers.

Toywatch is the ultimate and crazy game for learning basics of trampolining, doing cardio workout or just having a blast.

Trampoline trick training

Training Applications

ValoJump is not just fun for beginners. Although games are fun for everybody, we have also included training applications for more serious practice. Now there is no need to get off the trampoline to see how you did. The applications allow you to immediately see your performance and improve on it.
  • Jump
  • Watch
  • Learn
  • Repeat

Delay Mirror

Video feedback can’t get any faster: Delay Mirror shows your trick with the delay time of your choice.

Delay Mirror is ideal training app from your first attempt of a trick to giving it a last polish. Just choose delay time, jump and watch the recording like the screen would be a slow motion mirror.

Rec Studio

Rec studio is your trampoline training app for perfecting longer sequences. Using it is super simple:

  • Choose how long session you want to record on video.
  • Do your sequence.
  • Watch video for feedback.
  • Repeat or share it with your friends
Rec Studio video feedback for loger trampoline trick sequences