Our award-winning mixed reality productsValoClimb and ValoJump, are fully automatic digital attractions that have been designed to enhance repeatability and to have significant play-value. Our walk-in attractions come in different models that are full of high quality and exciting games that are exhilarating to play and super fun to watch, again and again.
Our attractions have been designed to offer versatility in a small space while helping indoor leisure industry operators to increase their competitive advantage, to maximise the floor-space revenue while allowing flexibility with monetisation. In addition, ValoJump and Valoclimb are hygienic, allow unattended operations and require no wearables or preparation time.
Finally, we want to offer our customers peace of mind. That is why our mixed reality attractions come with Valo Motion Service that includes 24/7 Customer Care and regular system and game updates.
Super Stomp for ValoJump AR trampoline game for indoor locations and trampoline parks Brass Ring Award winner

Both ValoJump models can be played either when jumping on a trampoline or on an air track and retrofitted to an existing or added to a new park. With several ValoJumps the customer gets access to two-player games where the players stay safe playing game from their own trampoline or air track while still appearing inside the same game!

All ValoClimb models can be either ceiling mounted or bolted onto the floor. All models are equally optimal when retrofitted to an existing location with a climbing wall or when our customers are looking to design a completely new park. Game arsenal include games that can be played up to 4 climbers while offering fun for all ages and skill levels!

"Valo Motion is going to be a game changer."
"When the competition got tougher our customer numbers dropped clearly, but once we got ValoClimb, they came right back up again."

Over 700 installations in over 60 countries

Our customers include trampoline parks like Sky Zone, Jump Square, Altitude Trampoline Park and Big Air. Our products are also popular in FEC’s such as Super Park, softplay locations like HopLop, fitness clubs like Konami and hotels and resorts such as Club Med.

We are happy to say that we have already over 700 installations spread across over 60 countries around the world where our games are played by up to 45000+ players per day

Happy customers

Our customers love them!! The ValoJumps are the main attraction in our trampoline park.”

Altiarena, trampoline park | Fanny Pascal

“For kids and adults alike, ValoClimb is something they have never seen anywhere, it clearly makes them also want to come back for more.”

Sky Zone trampoline park | Scott Redd

“By far [ValoJump] the best and most frequented attraction in our park. I wish I had space for more.”

JUMP House Berlin | Park owner

“We really think it’s [Super Stomp] going to be a game-changer for family entertainment centers and trampoline parks.”​

Brass Ring Award Committee​

ValoJump is a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment

Stacja Grawitacja, trampoline Park | Park Owner

Westwood club logo – Valo Motion customer
“I think ValoClimb is great and so user friendly! We get a lot of usage for it and our members love it.”​

West Wood Club | Club Manager

Camp adventure logo logo Valo Motion customer
“I’d like to thank you again for your amazing customer service. I never expected anything like this to be such a smooth experience!””​

Camp Adventure | Operations

“After experiencing ValoJump, it will be hard to get our guests excited about the other activities in our park.”​

Hi! Jump Park, trampoline park | Park Owner

“The system [5 ValoClimbs] has been really easy to operate and is one of our most popular attractions. We have already ordered more systems.”

Super Park, activity park

Logo portal gaming world

“Your Customer Care is one of the best we know and ValoClimb is one of a kind gaming experience!”

Portal Gaming World, entertainment center | Co-owner

About us

"When designing Valo Motion products, all we aimed for was an exceptional gaming experience, while making sure that our products are worth the investment. ”
Raine Kajastila CEO and founder of Valo Motion
Dr. Raine Kajastila
The CEO and founder of Valo Motion

Why choose a digital attraction?

A digital attraction can help leisure and attraction industry professionals become successful and stay relevant for their millennial and centennial visitors. However, digital activities can no longer be simple but need to entertain one or more people for longer periods of time, while generating repeat visits. Read the article to find out how and why to choose a digital attraction.

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Digital attraction means competitive advantage

We set out to design attractions that generate clear benefits, like high repeatability and play-value, for the location owners. At the end of the day, when designing Valo Motion products, an exceptional gaming experience is all that matters, while making sure that our products are worth the investment.


Boy, what a year…

Even if the world was slowing down, our development team felt that now more than ever, it was important to keep going. We were happy to see that based on the feedback we received, both ValoClimb and ValoJump served as one of the key attractions in getting visitors to come back in a safe but fun way.