Unleash Your Superpowers on a Trampoline!

ValoJump is an interactive trampoline game platform that boosts your trampolining like never seen before. You can bounce on a real trampoline and get a real workout while having fun playing.

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Since its launch in the summer of 2018 ValoJump has already reached


ValoJump in Brief

  • Fully automatic trampoline game platform that comes in a plug and play package: all hardware and software included.
  • Provides immersive digital experience in a compact space. 
  • Various games and training apps make ValoJump suitable for all ages, sizes and skill levels of players.
  • Intuitive user interface and remote scheduling mean that personnel is not needed for daily operations.
  •  An attraction that will entertain gamers, athletes and peole who just want to have fun.
  • Video recording as a feedback for your tricks and social sharing.
"Valo Motion is going to be a game changer."
"It's a 12/10 product and 100% worth the investment"​
"We have 4 Valo Motion products in our park, two ValoClimbs and two ValoJumps. Our customers love them!! The ValoJumps are the main attraction in our trampoline park."

Denis Lopatin is happy to announce that ValoJump brings gaming to trampolines and lines of eager players to his park. Download the case study to find out why Denis thinks that although there are a lot of digital gaming solutions out there, only ValoJump is worth the investment.

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ValoJump trampoline game entertains also the audience

ValoJump is in almost 30 countries and in 100+ locations

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Benefits of ValoJump

ValoJump is a prime example of a digital attraction that helps to enhance repeatability and has significant play-value.

In short, ValoJump has the following benefits:

  • generates fast ROI
  • encourages customer retention and
  • helps to bring in new customers.

These benefits are made possible by ValoJump’s:

  • immersive and motivating games and applications
  • inbuilt safety features
  • social and communal sharing tools
  • inbuilt marketing tools and
  • remote maintenance and automatic updates.

You can gain a higher level of customer retention due to the high repeatability, which we can ensure by designing immersive and motivating games and applications

High play-value is enforced by continually designing new and developing the existing games. These updates are automatically uploaded by using our Cloud Service, making sure that the game selection stays fresh, diverse and exciting.

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