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Effortless and Worry-Free Operation

Our Customer Care is an important part of Valo Motion Service, our comprehensive service package that makes sure that our customers can enjoy effortless and worry-free operation.

Our goal is to help our customers 24/7 to get the most out of our digital attractions. We are happy to answer any and every question from installation planning and everyday operations to more technical inquiries.

In addition, since our products operate online, our Customer Care team can perform health checks and periodical software updates to make sure that our customers’ units are in top-notch condition at all times.

Valo Motion icon customer service

You can reach us 24/7

Our Customer Care team is available around the clock and is looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach us in various ways: by phone, email, by filling a form to submit a ticket or you can always browse our self-help material and FAQ’s. For more info, visit our support site.

Valo Motion icon customer service

Call us

Our Customer Care can be reached around the clock. We have a separate number for our US customers and another one for the EU.

US: +1 (321) 340-3301 

EU: +358 75325 8188 (Also on WhatsApp)

Valo Motion icon customer service

Email us

We are always one email away, just drop us a line and you will hear from us shortly!

Valo Motion icon customer service

Fill a form

Fill in our form to submit a support request. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Usually, we are able to reply even faster.

Valo Motion icon customer service


Browse our self-help material for ValoClimb, ValoJump and the Cloud service. You will also find the Frequently asked questions there.

Valo Motion icon customer service

How Does our Customer Care Operate?

Our Customer Care is happy to offer their help and support for any and every inquiry. The support is offered remotely and is available around the clock. If resolving an issue should require a specific task to be performed on-site, our Customer Care team is happy to instruct our customers how to perform the task with detailed instructions and manuals.

We handle:

  • non-urgent requests during Finnish business hours
  • urgent requests 24/7

Are you someone who is interested in buying our mixed reality attractions? In that case, please fill out this form to reach out to our sales team.

Valo Motion icon customer service

What Our Clients Say

“I’d like to thank you again for your amazing customer service. I never expected anything like this to be such a smooth experience!”

Operations, Camp Adventure

“Your Customer Care is one of the best we know and ValoClimb is one of a kind gaming experience!”

Co-owner, Portal Gaming World