Our interactive wall climbing game platform and the viral sensation, ValoClimb® is getting an awesome update to its visuals. This totally new experience will be playable at IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris between the 17th and the 19th of September.

We are delighted to present a completely new and striking visual experience for ValoClimb games at the expo. The climbing wall will be provided by our partner Entre-Prises. This outstanding new visual experience allows the climber – turned gamer – to immerse themselves even deeper into the world of ValoClimb. In order to keep reading about Trax, the new game for ValoJump® – which will also be at the expo – click this link.

The visuals update for existing ValoClimb installations will be available for free by the end of September. All new orders for ValoClimb units will be shipped with the new graphics from that date onwards. Interested to find out more about our products? Click the link below to get in touch with our Sales Dept.

What Amazing Lies Behind the New Experience?

We have had a lot of requests in the past from valoclimbers that they would want to climb real mountains in ValoClimb. Now we’re delighted to be able to say it will be possible with the updated graphics in Augmented Problems!  But why stop there, we wanted to recreate the new visual themes to enhance the players’ experience for other games as well. Let alone give the spectators new thrilling scenery to observe our games from!

Augmented Problems

Have you ever wanted to climb mountains around the world? Now it’s possible as we added new stunning views like Mount Fuji or Yosemite. Now it might not be exactly the same as climbing on a real mountain, but honestly we’re getting quite close!


Getting an electric shock has (probably) never been so much fun! Now you can climb on a futuristic circuit board and try to avoid the electricity. Did you get burned? Check the score marks on the wall and try again.


Saving the world from asteroids has an all new deep space experience. Don’t miss the satellites orbiting the earth, they will save your day by destroying all of the visible fireballs.


Our charming bat has new places it likes to visit regularly – probably for a holiday, but you never know with bats. New themes include for example the summer beach where the bat has a snorkel on its head. All of our classic backgrounds like Halloween, Christmas and Birthdays are of course still available.


Did you know that sport climbing will be in the 2020 Summer Olympics as a sport? Flash is our version of the Olympic discipline speed climbing. It offers a fun and quick paced but challenging game. If you look closely, you will notice that the background of the game is alive and flows to the direction of the next mark on the wall.


Climball has (of course) stayed in its original form. Why change something that has sparked the interest of over 150 million people all over the world? The famous battle is still on: will red or blue win?

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