We attended IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris a few weeks ago with our awesome world’s firsts: two ValoJump® trampolines (also known as Super Stomp, the world’s first two player game for a trampoline!) and our ValoClimb®, the world’s first interactive game platform for climbing walls. Our stand was buzzing with visitors and players for all our games. In fact, during the four days of the conference our games were played incredible 1377 times, and for whopping 3017 minutes. If that is not a good exercise, we don’t know what is. While we are on that subject, click this link to read about how we have already virtually walked people around the world 145 times and counting!

And it doesn’t stop there! We will be at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando November 19th to 22nd. Come and see us there! But back to Paris…

GRTCrew tackled Super Stomp and frenchadventurer climbed Fuji

We had three talented acrobatic athletes from Greg Roe Trampoline‘s GRTCrew showing visitors how the professionals do trampoline. These guys did an awesome job on Super Stomp, the world’s first two player game on trampolines. In addition. the stand visitors and the GRTCrew were able to try out, for the first time ever, our newest rhythm-based game for ValoJump trampoline platform – Trax

True to our trade mark Valo Motion style, we are constantly updating our content and giving our fans new challenges. Bearing this in mind, we arrived to Paris with the new visual experience for the perennial favorite ValoClimb – the world’s first interactive climbing wall. Read the full blog post HERE. The icing on our healthy cake was to have the French Instagram influencer @frenchadventurer visit our stand and have a go with ValoClimb. He absolutely loved it. Check his post HERE.

Our Three Core Benefits

We attended IAAPA Expo Europe 2019 with a mission to communicate our three main benefits to our clients and partners. Our exciting physical games aka interactive game platforms, take the player beyond reality through our unique body tracking technology, high quality games & applications. What our games do is make the player feel like an actual superhero, since they get to be literally within our high paced video games.

One of the key elements to this was the fact that we could bring two ValoJumps and a ValoClimb to the expo. Actually having a go with one of our games is the perfect way to experience the benefits first hand.

1) We feel that having a game-changing experience like ValoClimb or ValoJump is a great way to bring new customers and retain existing customers. Our products work globally in all kinds of entertainment venues from trampoline parks to climbing halls – our products are even in museums! Valo Motion games are great in retaining existing customers as they can be played again and again. ValoClimb and ValoJump games bring in new players as they also have social features in the way of gameplay video and high score sharing. 

2) Valo Motion games bring industry winning fast return on investment to any indoor location. ValoJump and ValoClimb both have great size-to-revenue ratios. For example ValoClimb installation only takes up 5m x 5m in your location, and comes with several games and dozens of levels.

3) Our games are 100% worry-free solutions to any indoor location. Our high quality products are developed to perfection in Finland. Secondly, our game platforms are easy to use and easy to maintain, since we monitor our products remotely from Finland.

Here’s what one of our happy customers in Europe had to say about ValoJump:

“It’s a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment"
Stacja Grawitacja trampoline park logo Valo Motion customer
Denis Lopatin
Trampoline park Stacja Grawitacja

Denis Lopatin is happy to announce that ValoJump brings gaming to trampolines and lines of eager players to Stacja Grawitacja. Park founder Denis Lopatin gives the product a 12/10 and is especially excited about the 2-player possibility. Click the link below to enjoy the full case study: