Valo Motion - Future of Sports and Games

We believe in the power of joy to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle easily accessible to everyone irrespective of age, size or fitness level. Valo Motion combines real life sports with games to create fun, safe and engaging sportainment solutions. Our products provide interactive experiences for both players and spectators.

The technology is based on the unique ValoVision tracking software, high quality games and applications. The technology has its origins in post-doctoral university research and was developed over 5 years with the focus of creating powerful, fully automatic and truly pioneering active-play solutions that do not need wearables and allow an unrestricted, genuine sports experience.

The Company in Numbers:

  • Founded in October 2016 (Espoo, Finland)
  • 18 engineers, business professionals, gamers and athletes
  • 200MM views online
  • Customers or partners in 60+ countries
  • Between 45000 players every day

Main Products

ValoClimb - the original Augmented Climbing Wall

ValoClimb is the world’s first interactive gaming platform for climbing walls. ValoClimb systems turn ordinary climbing walls into large interactive surfaces and fully immerse the player in projected graphics, game effects and fun challenges that are intended both for leisure and serious skill training.


ValoJump gives superpowers on a trampoline. The mirror image of the player is put into a game world. Players enjoy fun challenges, learn new tricks with training tools or compete against each other in the world’s first two player game for trampolines.

Main Benefits In a Nutshell

For Operators​

  • Fully automatic (unattended)
  • Fast, robust, accurate interactive technology
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Regularly updated with new games and applications
  • Web based operation
  • Performance insights
  • Marketing & business tools
  • Automation tools

For Players

  • Fun and motivating exercise
  • Real sports, no wearables
  • Suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels
  • Video feedback and training
  • Video memories
  • High scores on site and online
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Create your own levels
  • Parties and events
  • User friendly

Meet the Founder

Raine Kajastila, CEO

Raine Kajastila is CEO and founder of Valo Motion. He has a strong background in interaction technologies, and international business from a combination of both academia and industry. Previously he expanded his PhD research at Aalto University into two spin-off companies and Facebook ultimately acquired one of them in 2014. After finalization of his doctoral thesis, Raine concentrated his post doc research on augmented exercise and sports training environments, which are the core of Valo Motion’s products. The research work lead into the successful commercialization of ValoClimb technology and a company with business in over 55 countries. In his spare time, Raine is climbing rocks around the world and endlessly innovating better (sometimes even impossible) solutions for all things that just don’t work well enough.

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Also featured on: TechCrunch, New Scientists Business Insider, Wired, Blooloop, Telegraph,, AV Magazine, Gizmodo, and various others.

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