Since founding the company in 2016, we have aimed to push the boundaries of what active entertainment could be. With Valo Motion’s previous products we have learned that playing together with a group of friends is the most fun and rewarding way to be active.

ValoArena – immersive Mixed Reality indoor gaming

The next very logical step for us was to use the very latest technology and our body tracking algorithms to create our newest attraction, ValoArena, an active exhilarating gaming experience for groups.

We also wanted to make this attraction highly worthwhile for location operators, who run our systems daily. Thus ValoArena, the unattended 6-player mixed reality (XR) arena, was created! In short, this digital attraction is an unattended, wearable-free, easy-access pay-to-play-ready interactive attraction for up to 6 players.

Read more here how we installed one of our first new immersive Mixed Reality indoor-arenas at Hi-Fly Trampoline Park in Hilden, Germany already this June. Designed for activity parks and other indoor spaces, the freeform game requires no wearables for gameplay, allowing players to enjoy maximum physical activity and social interaction.

ValoArena will be available for purchase from September 1st onwards.  

Find out more on how this pay-to-play-ready attraction takes your park to the next level! 

Tell me more about ValoArena

Easy to operate with high throughput

ValoArena stands in the sweet spot of offering a high throughput while requiring no wearables, no wires or controllers, no touch and no worries. Instead, what we wanted ValoArena to be, is a multiplayer attraction that is easy for the guests to step in and play and above all, easy to operate! 

Furthermore, with ValoArena, we wanted to liberate the player to allow them to move freely inside ValoArena without having to worry about any wearable or wires. This very same principle applies also to our previous products, ValoJump and ValoClimb. Furthermore, since there are no wearables, the players can easily access the arena and start the game. ValoArena is essentially an automatic attraction that does not require any staff while offering safe and social gaming experiences.

ValoArena’s novel way of combining mixed reality, a group gameplay and Valo Motion’s original games evoke a genuine WOW experience for the players.

As is true with ValoClimb and ValoJump, the games within this digital attraction are designed with the leisure industry core customer groups in mind.

Interested in finding out the product’s dimensions and further details?

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ValoArena dimensions

Among the first installations are also SuperPark, an activity park, in Finland.

“Valo Motion is really pushing the limits, and we are proud to be working with them. We believe that ValoArena will bring a “wow” experience to our new and existing visitors who we are looking forward to hosting and surprising. The earlier games – ValoClimb and ValoJump – are still very much enjoyed by families, kids and groups.”
Super Park logo - Valo Motion customer
Kirsi Ojakoski
Country Director at SuperPark Finland

We are happy to share more info on pre-ordering and on how to become one of the first locations to offer this exciting new attraction type! Get in touch with our Sales Team for more information.

How does ValoArena work?

ValoArena is an unattended 6-player arena where the players don’t need any wearables to play the games!
On both sides of the ValoArena, the players can see themselves and each other, not avatars, inside the games.

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Tell me more about ValoArena

On the screens that are located on both sides of the structure, the players can see a real time image of themselves inside a game world. The games are played by naturally moving inside the area.

Much like with ValoJump, the players can see themselves inside the game world and can interact with the game in real time. However, what is different from ValoJump’s two player set up, is that with ValoArena, each game can have up to six simultaneous players. This is made possible by ValoArena’s revolutionary motion tracking software that can expand the body tracking to 3D and is able to track more people and a larger area. Modern hardware together with our evolved tracking software allows us to produce real time interaction for each of the 6 players.

“All in all, ValoArena was and is an ambitious and fun project, especially regarding the technology that was required for this product. We were lucky enough to be chosen to receive the highly competitive Eurostars EU funding for developing the technology.”
Raine Kajastila CEO and founder of Valo Motion
Dr Raine Kajastila
CEO and founder of Valo Motion

The Project number (E!114217)