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The New ValoJump Experience

Do you love theater, piñata and a pinch of nostalgia? Then this game is for you! 

Jump Theater centers on fun and enjoyment while keeping you active without even noticing.

The curtains spring open to reveal the player in a fantastic 3D environment. The random combination of fun costumes, props, and effects makes every playthrough unique and invites the player to play the game time and again.

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ValoJump and its game like Jump Theater help indoor leisure industry operators to maximise the floor-space revenue while allowing flexibility with monetisation

Mixed-reality game for trampolines

The 3D environment and the virtual effects are merged with the player’s surroundings and the player is actively engaging with the digital content. The use of augmented reality creates the magical feeling that everything is happening in the real physical space of the player on the trampoline.

Jump Theater is inspired by traditional nostalgic gaming elements like piñatas at birthday parties and funhouse mirrors that distort the player’s reality, making it feel new yet familiar and universal all at once.

How it Works:

The single-player game invites you to jump and activate the random generator to select your fun costumes and props. Equipped with a new combination of accessories in each game, you are ready to have fun.

During the game, the player uses the given props to break the piñata and whack all toys that come along the way. In Jump Theater the player will need to use the upper body more than in previous games. This adds an entirely new physical element to the trampoline game experience. Additionally, if a player does not have the needed leg strength for optimal trampoline use the game will adjust to keep the fun level high. The pinata drops further down, allowing the players to still enjoy the game using just their arms.

Gameplay video recording creates a short clip for the players towards the end of the game. By using the mobile application ValoApp, players can save their gameplay experience and share the video with friends and family.

”Its replayability is awesome. The graphics are really good and the responsiveness to the jumper is seamless. The user can have a unique experience often with different combinations of gameplay, body, and weapon or accessory.” says
Altitude trampoline park logo - Valo Motion customer
Grady Hinchman
Operating Partner at Altitude Trampoline Park Kissimmee, Florida, USA

All Valo Motion games come with the ability for players to save game memories and collect the video in their own player profile. All videos include branding of the park where the game was played, and when the video is shared, the player’s network can easily find the location to play the game too.

Jump Theater is now globally available for all existing ValoJump for trampolines and airtracks.Naturally the new game and all existing games are pre-installed in any new ValoJump unit. ValoJump can already be found in over 125 different locations around the world

ValoJump logo – AR trampoline game platform for indoor locations and trampoline parks

What Our Clients Say about ValoJump

Altitude trampoline park logo - Valo Motion customer
"Valo Motion is going to be a game changer."
Stacja Grawitacja trampoline park logo Valo Motion customer
"It's a 12/10 product and 100% worth the investment"​
Alti Arena logo logo Valo Motion customer
"We have 4 Valo Motion products in our park, two ValoClimbs and two ValoJumps. Our customers love them!! The ValoJumps are the main attraction in our trampoline park."

Where can I play?

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