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Ball sport with a difference

The sun has set but the city of Tokyo is basking in neon lights. The whole arena is holding their breath, the drone carrying the ball flies closer and drops it in front of you. You give a last focused stare at your adversary knowing that you only have 60 short seconds so you kick the ball with all your might. The crowd explodes!! Speed radar shows 320 km/h, your opponent barely manages to stop the ball from soaring past them and kicks it right back at you at record speed…

Jumpball logo. Valo Motion game for ValoJump

It is safe to say that over a year of extensive game development has been well worth it. The end result is a completely different ball game!! This awesome new two-player trampoline sports game is a great addition to the existing game repertoire for the IAAPA Brass Ring Award winning ValoJump setup! With each new product and game we develop, the visitor play-value is never far from our minds. We figured that high satisfaction from the visitors maximises repeatability for our customers. In other words, Jumpball – much like all our original mixed reality games – has been designed to be fun even when played more times than you care to remember! Finally, all the games on ValoJump are played one person at the time, so there is automatically physical distancing between people. ValoJump can even be rendered completely touchless, making the game play also hygienic and thus safer during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Note: Jumpball is not available on ValoJump Air models.

Super Stomp for ValoJump AR trampoline game for indoor locations and trampoline parks Brass Ring Award winner

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ROI generation

We are always up for designing games that are fun not only for the players but for the audience as well. This time we took this to the next level: Jumpball has been designed with events and tournaments in mind. The game has all that is needed to knock it out of the park with events: It’s thrilling to watch and powerful and rewarding to play.

We are constantly developing new games and features. When we design our products, we focus on the visitor play-value. We know that high satisfaction from the visitors maximises repeatability translates to fast ROI for the operators. The game includes two-player as well as single-player mode and several difficulty levels. Furthermore, the game lasts only 60 seconds, making sure to reach a high through-put. Another great way to generate high value and fast ROI are the game videos: the players love to share the “Selfie Video” of the game with the world. Each ValoJump unit comes with a touchscreen, which makes the video-sharing quick and easy. 

ValoJump touchscreen for sharing videos and highscores online
Entering an email the player can upload their Selfie Video
Jumpball for ValoJump AR trampoline game has inbuilt marketing tools like video sharing

To further boost their visibility, we want our customer’s logo to appear in several places: on the video page, as a watermark on the video and now also inside the actual game! The logo can be added quickly and without fuss by using our Cloud Service. The Valo Motion Service Package, on the other hand, guarantees that we’ll take care of everything for our customers. Their ValoJump unit(s) will automatically download the new game, while they can sit back and relax. Click this link to have a look at ValoJump’s technical specifications.

How it Works:

Jumpball for ValoJump AR trampoline game for indoor locations and trampoline parks

The game has single-player and two-player modes so that all the current ValoJump locations get to have this game as a part of their ever-expanding game repertoire! In the single person mode, the player is faced with one of our AI opponents we chose to call Jumpbots. We created different Jumpbot for each of the difficulty levels. 

In the two-player mode, Jumpball is played on two adjacent ValoJump trampolines. When the players step on the trampoline they simply start the game by each jumping and selecting the “2 players 2 trampolines” button. The ValoJumps will then connect the players automatically. 

"With Jumpball, we wanted to take the best parts of sports and video games and combine them into a new super powered trampoline ball sport. We wanted each match of Jumpball to be an exciting competition that’s both fun to play and fun to watch. I’m a huge fan of sports and Japanese arcade games myself so creating a game combining elements of these two things made this a very near and dear project for me."

Our one of the kind body tracking technology makes sure that the game reacts to the players’ jumps on the trampoline flawlessly and ensures the game is responsive and intuitive to play. We are constantly improving the body tracking software and adjusting it so that it fits the new games we launch yearly. Jumpball, for example, takes advantage of our new custom collision physics technology and calculates which direction the player hits the ball and with how much force. In other words, the software now calculates the collision between the ball and the player. As a result we are given an exact direction and force for when the player hits or kicks the ball, allowing the players to accurately aim their shots and adjust their hit power.

To keep the game appealing for a long time, the game mechanics allow the players to keep improving themselves with numerous mechanics. To give you a taste, the higher the player jumps to hit the ball the harder the hit will be and the less time the opponent will have to react to the shot and block it. On the other hand, if the scores have not been settle by the time the 60 seconds are up, the game will go to overtime. The number of balls during the overtime equals to how many points the underdog needs to be able to still win the game…

In addition to this new game, each ValoJump® game platform comes with multiple entertaining games and training applications, including a single and two-player games. Click the link below to download the product leaflet for ValoJump, our interactive trampoline game platform:

ValoJump is a prime example of a digital attraction that generates fast ROI and encourages return customers through significant repeatability and high play-value. Furthermore, this interactive trampoline game platform presents the park owners with the opportunity to conduct data driven business decisions. Meaning that the game platform comes with cloud service that allows the park owners access user data, analytics and control the video memories that are shared to customers.

Altitude trampoline park logo - Valo Motion customer
"Valo Motion is going to be a game changer."
Stacja Grawitacja trampoline park logo Valo Motion customer
"It's a 12/10 product and 100% worth the investment"​
Alti Arena logo logo Valo Motion customer
"ValoJumps are the main attraction in our park."

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Where Can I Play?

Much like Super Stomp and Skytails Race, Jumpball is also available in every location with two or more ValoJump installations. That’s not all, we also included a single-player version of this game, meaning that this game is available for all our current ValoJump customers. By far that means over 125 locations and nearly 30 countries around the world. Please check the map below for more details.