Follow the Trax to Collect Nodes

Trax gets its name from the new highly accurate tracking technology and choreographed tracks. Trax invites the player to follow specific tracks and to strike indicated poses in the air. The game is about using hands and feet to collect nodes while being as quick and as precise you possibly can!

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How it Works:

We have been drawing inspiration for our new game from dancing games, which are especially popular with the teenage audience.

This new trampoline game features new update to our proprietary ValoVision® technology. This new technology now allows the ValoJump platform to track the movement of the jumper’s hands and feet. With improved tracking precision, future ValoJump games will be more versatile by activating the whole body.

Playing Trax is like following a choreography designed for trampoline jumping. The game makes you jump in specific sequences and strike different poses in the air. In that way it resembles popular dancing games, but instead of a dance choreography you follow a trampoline jumping choreography. Much like with dancing games, music plays a very big part in Trax. The music changes according to the player’s performance. When the player is doing great, the music gets really intense, whereas if the player is taking it easy, the music will be calmer.

At launch, Trax will already have nine different tracks, each of them varies in difficulty. Some are easy and casual, whereas the most difficult ones take some practice to complete. More levels will be updated automatically over time. 

Trax requires a lot of focus, accuracy and especially coordination and balance for a good high score. But don’t worry, Trax will feature an assisted mode to finetune your skills. 

Where can I play?

Trax has been globally available for all existing ValoJump units since September 2019. In addition to the current locations, Trax will naturally be pre-installed in new ValoJump units shipped sold. ValoJump can already be found in over 60 different locations around the world

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“ValoJump is a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment"
Stacja Grawitacja, Trampoline Park
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