Fully Automatic Climbing Wall Game

Our pioneering system is ideal for commercial locations such as family entertainment centers, fitness & climbing gyms, indoor playgrounds and shopping malls. 

Whether you want to add to existing attractions in your facility or are designing a new facility ValoClimb is the answer.

3 ValoClimb system setup in MadMonkey fun climbing gym

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Benefits of ValoClimb

ValoClimb is a prime example of a digital attraction that helps to enhance repeatability and has significant play-value.

In short, ValoClimb’s benefits  are the following:

  • generates fast ROI
  • encourages customer retention and
  • helps to bring in new customers.

These benefits are made possible by ValoClimb’s:

  • immersive and motivating games and applications
  • inbuilt safety features
  • social and communal sharing tools
  • inbuilt marketing tools and
  • remote maintenance and automatic updates.

Repeatability can be increased by encouraging your customer retention. We ensure this by designing immersive and motivating games and applications

High play-value is enforced by continually designing new and developing the existing games. These updates are automatically uploaded by using our Cloud Service, making sure that the game selection stays fresh, diverse and exciting.

For Owners

  • Fully automatic game platform: software and hardware included.
  • Easy to use and low maintenance for operators.
  • High value attraction with lots of options in a relatively compact space.
  • Actively updated with more games and applications.
  • Cloud service for statistics, marketing tools and administration.

For Users

  • Motivating and fun way to exercise.
  • Suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels.
  • User friendly touchscreen interface.
  • Multiple difficulty levels and adjustment options.
  • Create your own routes and levels.
  • Compare scores to monitor your own progress or compete with others.
  • Video recording for performance feedback and sharing on social media.

Plug 'n Play Package

ValoClimb – the original augmented climbing wall gaming platform consists of four parts: 

  • industry grade professional hardware and software
  • innovative and immersive games and applications
  • comprehensive Cloud Service
  • Valo Motion Support Service

If you don’t have a climbing wall, we can provide one through our global partner network.

Hardware and software

  • Mounting pylon, with cover
  • Short-throw projector
  • Depth sensor and video camera
  • Dust and impact protection
  • Adjustable tilt and rotation
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Unique ValoVision motion tracking software

Advanced motion tracking with ValoVision software

Our unique ValoVision software allows us to do highly responsive, accurate and reliable motion tracking with no wearables needed. The ValoClimb system can be used with almost any climbing wall, and our software even automatically maps the holds on the climbing wall.

ValoClimb Product Portfolio

ValoClimb DustProtect

ValoClimb DustProtect is the only model that is suitable for climbing gyms and other dusty environments. In the image on the right, ValoClimb DustProtect is bolted onto the floor, but ceiling and wall mounting options are also available.

Note that all of the sensitive electronics are protected from dust and impacts by our custom enclosure. We thoroughly tested different “fully sealed” projectors in a typical bouldering gym and saw them deteriorate and fail one after the other. We refuse to sell a product with that kind of life expectancy, so instead we designed a pretty little box for it.

To make a long story short, the video projector and computer sit in their own temperature controlled cleanroom.

Games and Applications

Now available with seven applications pre-installed. ValoClimb keeps attracting players with new games and features that are constantly developed. These will be automatically installed for you.

Check out the current games here.

Cloud Service

Each unit is connected to our cloud service allowing easy maintenance and monitoring. The service features:

  • System scheduling, so that it turns on and off automatically
  • Manage ads shown on wall
  • Enable/disable games and applications
  • View statistics
  • Get automatic updates
  • Video sending for customers

Support for Operators

The Valo Motion Support Service is designed to help ValoClimb owners with any issues they may face in the daily use or installation of their products. Ensuring an uninterrupted operation and letting our customers focus on their business. The Support Service is an online service that has been designed to help you with all technology related questions.

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