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Pop as many balloons as you like!

You guessed it, Hullaballoon – our latest game for ValoClimb – is about balloons. More importantly, it’s about popping, swiping, tapping and squeezing as many balloons as you can before the time runs out! Hullaballoon is a group game and can be played anywhere between 1 to 4 people. What is great about this game is that it can identify the individual players from a group of people. This means that the game keeps score of each player’s and the group’s points! 

The game might seem simple at first, but keep your eyes open, we have thrown some special balloons – like hurricanes, curling stones and swords – into the mix. They are worth the chase since they will grant you some special balloon-popping powers! Oh and one last tip, pay special attention if your birthday is around the corner…

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Special feature – birthday mode:

Hullaballoon for ValoClimb AR climbing wall game for indoor locations and trampoline parks

The game includes a special birthday mode, where a customisable birthday greeting pops up at the end of the game to surprise everybody. The birthday mode is a short, festive and party-themed version of the normal game mode. 

The activation and the use of the birthday mode has been made very easy. The location owner can quickly enable the birthday mode by using the touchscreen that is included in their ValoClimb unit. The players get a personalised code that grants them access to the birthday mode. To find out what more is included in each unit, please have a look at ValoClimb’s technical specifications

"Since birthday parties are a big part of our customers' business, we wanted to make sure that our customers can offer memorable and unique experiences to their visitors. ”
Valo Motion game designer Antti Sandberg
Antti Sandberg
Game Designer & Developer

Antti Sandberg is the lead developer for Hullaballoon here at Valo Motion. Antti is an award-winning game developer with a MSc in game design and years of experience in game development.

How it Works:

Hullaballoon for ValoClimb AR climbing wall game for indoor locations and trampoline parks

Our game developers wanted to make something the players could start playing and enjoying instantly without having to read instructions or spend time figuring out how the game works. In fact, the game utilises new technology that allows more precise tracking of player’s movement and poses. This improvement to Valo Motion’s proprietary body tracking software (ValoVision) means that the game is easier to play. 

This also means that the game recognises each player and keeps score of their individual points. The individual score is shown on the wall above the player’s head, as seen in the above image. The game also counts points for the whole group of people playing at the same time.  

Another important goal we had in mind was to keep the game simple, fun and exciting round after round. This is one of the reasons why our game developers included special balloons – like curling stones, footballs, swords – that give the players exceptional abilities. These special balloons vary from game to game, making each round unique and surprising. Furthermore, this enhances ValoClimb’s repeatability and play-value since the game stays unexpected and surprising time after time. Click this link to find out in what other ways your business could benefit from ValoClimb. 

Much like all the various games on the ValoClimb game platform, Hullaballoon focuses on accessibility, simplicity, and creating joyful interactions. While the game encourages players to practice climbing and rewards more active climbers, the game is also designed to be enjoyable for beginners. For example, the game is designed so that the game tempo adapts in real-time to how the player is playing. In addition, the players can grow or reduce the game area using the touchscreen. This way everybody can enjoy the game safely. In the image below the game area on the right hand side has been reduced to 3/4.

Hullaballoon for ValoClimb AR climbing wall game for indoor locations and trampoline parks

Finally, we designed the game so that there is no need to unnecessarily limit the number of simultaneous players. We are recommending anywhere between 1 to 4 players. However, smaller kids should have adult supervision when climbing. Players can compete with each other for who pops the most balloons, or work together to beat the highscores. The players can also join and leave the game at any point. This way more visitors can enjoy the game at the same time since the waiting time is significantly reduced. 

At the end of each game, the players are invited to share their gameplay video and highscores online and on social media directly from the touchscreen that comes with each ValoClimb unit. This tool was added to ValoClimb in order to give the location owners the opportunity to gain additional visibility for their location. If you would like to find out how our products can help you achieve fast ROI, drive in new customers and gain revisits from your current customers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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What Our Clients Say about ValoClimb

ValoClimb logo – AR climing wall game platform for indoor locations and trampoline parks
Super park logo – Valo Motion customer

“We have had 5 Augmented Climbing Walls and our customers love them.

The system has been really easy to operate and is one of our most popular attractions. We have already ordered more systems for new locations.”


Fit rocks climbing gym logo – Valo Motion customer

“Amazing product and service. Set up was very easy (considering what is being done) and the quality of materials and measurements was very high.

Online support was amazing. The way you all quickly answered emails, and took over the unit to calibrate it and make it work was awesome. Made our lives way easier”


Westwood club logo – Valo Motion customer

“I think Augmented Climbing Wall is great and so user friendly! We get a lot of usage for it and our members love it.”


Where Can I Play?

Hullaballoon became globally available for all ValoClimb units in June 2020. ValoClimb can already be found in over 230 different locations around the world. In addition to the existing units, Hullaballoon will naturally be pre-installed in all new ValoClimb units.