Our interactive game platforms have already helped to burn over 350 million calories

We at Valo Motion have reached a major milestone of burning over 350 million calories with our interactive game platforms, ValoClimb climbing wall and ValoJump trampoline games. ValoClimb is the world’s first interactive game platform for climbing walls. ValoJump, on the other hand, is our interactive trampoline game platform that revolutionises your trampolining. You can bounce on a real trampoline and get a real workout while having fun playing!

“The total calorie consumption of our products equals walking around the world a whopping 145 times! Wall climbing and trampoline jumping are both great exercises, but ValoClimb and ValoJump makes them more fun and more efficient because of their competitive nature. You will push your limits further when collecting points or competing against your friend. Players are happy for action filled and fun exercise and location owners get a lot of customers in to play our games. It’s a win-win situation."
Raine Kajastila Valo Motion CEO and founder
Dr. Raine Kajastila
CEO and founder of Valo Motion

Calorie consumption calculations are based on an 83 kilogram male (184 lbs) by using research results from Harvard Medical School and American Council on Exercise.

ValoClimb and ValoJump offer a chance for healthy and fun exercise in over 55 countries

Since 2016 we have become the powerhouse of the augmented reality fitness and family entertainment products. Our interactive game platforms – ValoClimb and ValoJump – are already used in over 55 countries and in over 300 partner locations. Currently people all over the world have fun with our climbing wall and trampoline games in nearly one million monthly game sessions while exercising at their own pace.

Supercharge Climbing with ValoClimb!

Our first product, ValoClimb, is the world’s first interactive gaming platform for climbing walls, let alone a viral sensation. ValoClimb systems turn ordinary climbing walls into large interactive surfaces and fully immerse the player in projected graphics, game effects and fun challenges that are intended for both, leisure and serious skill training. ValoClimb systems have been installed in different types of commercial locations such as activity parks and fitness and climbing gyms, virtually in every continent. This active play technology invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to have an amazing time and get a great physical exercise.

In addition to burning calories, players on the climbing wall game ValoClimb have also saved the planet from 17 million virtual asteroids by playing Astromania and smashed 66 million virtual bats via Whack-a-Bat in over 11 million game sessions and in 383,000 hours of fun gameplay. 

ValoJump – unleash your superpowers on a trampoline!

ValoJump is an interactive trampoline game platform that boosts trampoline jumping in never-before-seen way. Players can bounce on a real trampoline and get a real workout while having fun playing. A mirror image of the player is put into the game world where they enjoy fun challenges and learn new tricks with training tools.

Our newest release is Super Stomp which is played on two adjacent ValoJump trampolines, making this innovative and interactive game the world’s first two player game for trampolines.

"Kids just love Super Stomp and have endless competition with it. The game is a huge success in our park! We love it!"
Super park logo – Valo Motion customer
Mika Jimenez

Trampolining – healthy and fun exercise​​

In addition to burning calories, it seems like jumping up and down on a trampoline has tremendous health benefits for you. Our friends at Jumping Singapore found out that due to the gravity, the simple rhythmic up and down motion engages every muscle and stimulates every cell, producing amazing healing and rejuvenating effects. The long list of health benefits include, among other things, increased bone density, detoxification, enhanced immunity and improved digestion and gut health. You can access the full article by clicking here.

If that’s not enough, Mr. Sherlock Holmes – the self-proclaimed “consulting detective” – has investigated the matter of trampolining and enhanced immunity in order to ward off infections and prevent diseases. After his in-depth analysis, inspection and longitudinal examination, he came to the conclusion that trampoline jumping can keep you from getting a cold!

Summa summarum, it’s easy to see why ValoJump and ValoClimb appeal to everybody, regardless of age or skill-level. Anybody from high-level athletes to gamers and everybody in between seem to be crazy about our products. You should also give them a go, it’s evident that they offer great exercise and good fun, all wrapped in one awesome package shipped to you from Finland. 

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