ValoClimb® part of 2020 BIFF

We were super excited about the opportunity to partner with Beastmaker for their Beastmaker International Footless Festival (2020 BIFF) held at Climbing Works in Sheffield on the 25th of January. To bring our interactive twist to this festival, BIFF invited us to bring our augmented climbing wall, ValoClimb, as part of the qualification rounds as well as the grande finale!

Other partners were, to mention a few, Entre-Prises, Climbers Against Cancer, Bouldering Bobat and Red Bull. In fact the whole event was put together to raise money for Climbers Against Cancer (CAC), a none profit organisation, with all proceeds donated directly to cancer research facilities throughout the world. It’s safe to say that we were in a great company! If you would like to make a donation of your own, click link below: 

On top of that, Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualified climber, Shauna Coxsey, was hosting the final. She has strong ties with the BIFF, and has worked hard with the Beastmaker Team over the past 6 years to grow it into the event it is today. In addition, Shauna is Red Bull UK athlete as well as the Team Toyota GB’s Olympic and Paralympic ambassador.

In a true BIFF style the event was full of incredibly ridiculous feats of strength, totally ridiculous challenges and lots of entertainment. The competitors were expect to get through all of this without using their feet. Something that may sound difficult, but the contestants made look super easy. 

"Working with Valo Motion for the 2020 BIFF Grand Final was very exciting. It was so cool to be able to bring a brand new technology into a climbing competition, where some of the strongest climbers in the world were competing. The technology allows climbers of all levels to be pushed and challenged, in the same game, which I think is something quite unique."
ValoClimb AR climbing wall at Beastmarker International Footless Festival​
Gracie Martin
Event Organiser & Social Media Manager for Beastmaker

In fact, this was not the first time we were part of a climbing event slash competition. Click here to read about us being at Globetrotter store installation in Munich, at the Outdoor by ISPO with the OutDays, and at the eSport and the professionally organised gaming festival, ES_COM.

Top Climbers on Flash

ValoClimb AR climbing wall at Beastmarker International Footless Festival​
The Flash winners from left to right: 1st Sam Butterworth, 2nd Billy Ridal and 3rd Alex Waterhouse.

As Sport Climbing makes it olympic debut in the 2020 Summer Olympics, there was no better time bring forth our version of speed climbing, Flash for ValoClimb as part of the qualification rounds. Flash allows the creation of routes. Therefore, we created a special route for the climbers to conquer as fast as possible. The competitors had the chance to try as many times as they wanted. After a grooling competition, the fastest climbers were:

  1. Sam Butterworth 
  2. Billy Ridal 
  3. Alex Waterhouse

Sam was the quickest, it only took him 3,98 seconds to complete the route. He was also the only climber who was able to make it under 4 seconds. On second place was Billy, who managed to complete the route in just 4,76 seconds. On a third place and right hot on his trail was Alex with 4,87 seconds!

The above figures just go to show how incredible these guys were and how every 10th of a second counted. To give you a taste on what went down, check out Sam’s performance below. His time was incredible, only 3,98 seconds! 

We also published a special website where we gathered all game videos from the qualification rounds. To check out those videos, click here.

Bot Whacking at the Grande Finale

ValoClimb AR climbing wall at Beastmarker International Footless Festival​
Alex Waterhouse showing his skill in bot whacking. Image by: Dom Worrall

Since the theme of the event was 90’s video games, we went through our game and theme selection with BIFF organisers and decided on including Whack-a-bot – a funky version of the fan favourite Whack-a-bat – to the grande finale. The rules were simple, whack the bot. However, the bots were eager to multiply and started to move faster as the game went on turning this innocent sounding bot whacking into an endurance training. To check out the full live stream from the event, click here.

After having gone through footless climbing to last them a lifetime, two champions rose on top. The winner of the renowned BIFF 2020 in women’s category was  Frances Bensley. And in the men’s category Alex Waterhouse. Congratulations you guys!!

ValoClimb All Over the World

ValoClimb has become hugely popular. Our interactive climbing wall can now already be found in over 50 countries and 230 customer location. Check out the map below to find your closest location. 

We want to make sure that the gaming experience is always fresh and full of surprises. Therefore, we are constantly developing our games and launch at least one new game per year.  The most recent ValoClimb game released is called Shadowlings. This awesome game can be played up to four players. The game introduces many brand new technological advancements to the ValoClimb system allowing the players to interact with these fluffy fellows just by using their own shadow. 

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