Our attractions industry peers recognised Valo Motion products in a big way at the annual Brass Ring Awards in IAAPA Expo held in Orlando. Super Stomp set up was awarded in the Best New Product (Technology Applied to Amusements) category at the Brass Ring Awards ceremony. Super Stomp is the world’s first two player game on a trampoline for the ValoJump trampoline game platform

“We chose Super Stomp as we really think it’s going to be a game changer for family entertainment centers and trampoline parks. It’s going to add a whole new dimension to trampoline parks and it’s a great new activity for the family entertainment centers. Super Stomp allows people to get active while still doing video games.”​
IAAPA Brass Ring Award committee member Jennifer McDonald
Jennifer McDonald​
Brass Ring Award Committee​
Super Stomp for ValoJump AR trampoline game for indoor locations and trampoline parks Brass Ring Award winner
The Brass Ring Award committee and our CEO Raine Kajastila and Marketing Manager Fana Immonen

The IAAPA Brass Ring Awards are one of the global attractions industry’s most prestigious honours. Named for the rings given to carousel riders at the very first amusement parks, the IAAPA Brass Ring Award is a symbol of achievement. This was the first Brass Ring awarded to us and we’re super proud!

The awards committee absolutely adored Super Stomp. Take it from the committee member Jennifer McDonald, who we interviewed at the show: 

Super Stomp is the world’s first two player game on a trampoline. In the game, players get to compete against their friends in fast-paced matches where they try to stomp each other to the ground before they get a chance to do the same. Super Stomp is played on two adjacent ValoJump trampolines. Watch the video below to see how it plays:

Our attractions industry peers are not the only ones starting to really like Super Stomp, also our customers seem to really love it!

"Kids just love Super Stomp and have endless competitions with it. The game is a huge success in our park! We love it!"​
Super park logo – Valo Motion customer
Mika Jimenez

Brass Ring Award is the second milestone for Super Stomp in a very short period of time as there was an academic study released about Super Stomp just last month in October 2019. The study showed that people had a lot of fun playing Super Stomp. The academic study explained how the game gives the players an empowering experience using custom computer vision and game physics simulation technologies. Super Stomp exaggerates the virtual jumps while preserving precise control of the game characters. This can make the player feel like a superhero within the game world. 

Click the link below to access the academic paper:

Super Stomp is currently available in over 30 locations and counting! Would you like to appear on the map? Just get in contact with our Sales Team