ValoJumpers all over the world can soon experience ValoJump games and applications on a huge 86-inch display. To celebrate the new ValoJump Model 86 we have produced a new trailer video. It shows a guy sneaking into our warehouse and having an exciting encounter with the new Model 86.

ValoJump Model 86

The new ValoJump model has been highly requested by our customers who are looking for ways to remain fresh in the competitive family entertainment market. There are new entertainment venues such as trampoline parks and family entertainment centers popping up with Valo Motion game platforms and the older parks are looking for new attractions. Our new Model 86 is an answer to a growing market demand. However, while the Model 86 offers a bigger screen, the current Model 55 is a great option when the location or venue owner is looking to purchase a fully impact protected and enclosed device. The new model will be available during spring 2020. More info will be released in early 2020, stay tuned!

IAAPA Expo 2019

We will attend IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando for the first time with our own stand. Come visit our stand #E7141 to see the Model 86 for the first time, play our newest ValoJump game Trax, be a superhero in the two player trampoline game Super Stomp and see the visual experience overhaul of our fan-favorite ValoClimb, the original augmented climbing wall.

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Valo Motion’s products have been sold to over 300 locations over 55 countries. Still the North American market remains one of the key areas for our sales expansion. IAAPA Expo in Orlando is one of the most important trade shows Valo Motion will attend this year, and we’re set to make a big splash when we go there.

It doesn’t end there. We’re showing huge belief in our ability to bring a breath of the future with our products to the entertainment market.

We’re seeing IAAPA Expo as a perfect place to showcase and communicate our four main benefits to entertainment venues and resellers. The most important element in this is being able to test our products to experience the benefits first hand. Valo Motion will have two ValoJumps and a ValoClimb installation at the stand.

We’re also making a visit to our stand an amazing experience by partnering up with GRTCrew’s talented acrobatic athletes to showcase Freestyle Trampoline jumping with ValoJump games. Helmed by the famous trampoline jumper Greg Roe, the GRTCrew is promoting the Freestyle Trampoline extreme action sport. Extreme action sports are very popular in social media and GRTCrew’s acrobatic athletes have a massive social media following in the young demographic. Four GRTCrew members are at the expo showing what is physically possible to do in ValoJump games.        

We will promise to arrange for your IAAPA Expo ticket and reimburse your flight expenses up to $880 if a deal is made to purchase any of our attractions at the IAAPA Expo or by 30th November. All you need to do now is to book a VIP demo visit today with any of our staff at the expo.

Four Core Benefits of Our Products

We have identified the following four core benefits in Valo Motion products:

1) Our products and our consumer facing brand are built to drive in new customers to locations. ValoClimb and ValoJump are both very suitable for all kinds of entertainment venues from trampoline parks to climbing halls – or even to museums and malls. Valo Motion is a social media viral sensation whose products are known to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It’s a great idea to join the ride with having a fan-favorite Valo Motion product in your venue. Consumers all over the world are actively looking for places to test out our products which they have come to know via seeing the Valo Motion viral video on Facebook.

2) Social sharing functionality built-in to our products is also great at retaining existing venue customers. Seeing their performances and high scores shared in social media not only gives customers a great reason to experience our games for another time, but also brings in new customers to the venues from the sharers’ social circle.

3) Valo Motion products are shown to bring industry winning fast return on investment to any indoor location. ValoJump and ValoClimb both have great size-to-revenue ratios. For example, ValoClimb installation takes about 11′4″ (3.45m) high, 13’6″ (4.1m) wide and 16′ (4.8m) footprint depth in an indoor venue.

4) ValoClimb and ValoJump are worry-free solutions to any location. All our products are made in Finland which is a country with a solid reputation of quality products. We have taken extra care in making sure our products are easy to use and easy to maintain, thanks to our online support and backend monitoring services.