ValoJump – Augmented Reality Game Platform for Trampolines

ValoJump Model 86 – AR trampoline game for indoor locations and trampoline parks

ValoJump turns any plain trampoline into an augmented reality game platform! ValoJump‘s extraordinary games and applications can now be enjoyed on a huge 86-inch display. This massive screen size guarantees that our interactive games become even more immersive. Making sure that the park visitors of all ages and skill levels are bound to come back again and again! Simultaneously, this model will give indoor location owners the competitive advantage they have been looking for. ValoJump Model 86 is available starting April 2020

"It's [ValoJump] a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment"
Stacja Grawitacja trampoline park logo Valo Motion customer
Denis Lopatin
Trampoline Park Stacja Grawitacja

Gain Competitive Advantage

The new ValoJump model has been highly requested by our customers, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t feel the need to stay fresh in the competitive family entertainment market? The new ValoJump Model 86 is the answer to this growing market demand, we made sure of that. This game platform comes with everything you need in order to turn a plain trampoline into an augmented reality game platform: 

  • Industry Grade Professional Hardware
  • Innovative and Immersive Games and Applications
  • Comprehensive Cloud Service
  • Valo Motion Support Service
ValoJump Model 86 AR trampoline game platform by Valo Motion

ValoJump Model 86 is fully rounded game platform that includes both single-player and two-player games. Two-player games are available whenever two or more ValoJumps are installed. ValoJump double setup won the renowned IAAPA Brass Ring Award in the best new product category. Click this link to read the full blog post. 

However, while the ValoJump Model 86 offers a bigger screen, the current ValoJump Model 55 is a great option when the location or venue owner is looking to purchase a fully impact protected and enclosed device. Click this link to see the technical specifications.

ValoJump – Worth the Investment

ValoJump is a prime example of a digital attraction that helps to enhance repeatability and has significant play-value.

In short, ValoJump has the following benefits:

  • generates fast ROI
  • encourages customer retention and
  • helps to bring in new customers.

These benefits are made possible by ValoJump’s:

  • immersive and motivating games and applications
  • inbuilt safety features
  • social and communal sharing tools
  • inbuilt marketing tools and
  • remote maintenance and automatic updates.

You can gain a higher level of customer retention due to the high repeatability, which we can ensure by designing immersive and motivating games and applications

High play-value is enforced by continually designing new and developing the existing games. These updates are automatically uploaded by using our Cloud Service, making sure that the game selection stays fresh, diverse and exciting.

Denis Lopatin (trampoline park Stacja Grawitacja) is happy to announce that ValoJump brings gaming to trampolines and lines of eager players to his park. Read the case study to find out why Denis thinks that although there are a lot of digital gaming solutions out there, only ValoJump is worth the investment:

We are happy to say that our products can already be found in over 300+ locations. Our customers include trampoline parks like Sky ZoneJump SquareAltitude Trampoline Park and Big Air. Our products are also popular in FEC’s such as Super Park, softplay locations like HopLop, fitness clubs like Konami and hotels and resorts such as Club Med.

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