We are hiring!

Shoot us a message if something from the list below ticks your boxes. If not, we are always looking for creative minds who think outside of the box.


We at Valo Motion are game developers and hardware manufacturers, our HQ is based in Finland.

We revolutionise how sports and games are combined to create fun and effective exercise. We believe that high quality products should be developed with smiles and passion for sports & games.

The name Valo Motion comes from the Finnish word valo, meaning light, which is central to our products.



Is your passion games or sports or both? Are you fluent in Unity?

Are you ready to rock our Cloud infrastructure with your RoR,  JS and web skills?

Art, Design, UX:​

2D/3D, games or brochures! Our games and materials need your creative touch!

Sales & Projects:​

How about developing some global sales and reseller networks? 

You will manage leads, CRM and would have the best people to learn from.

Do you feel like designing entertainment locations in 3D, handling logistics and making sure customers installation go perfectly?

Events and Community:​

Want to create the next biggest thing in sports and gaming scene? Wait no more!


We are always looking for talent, so feel free to contact us.

How to apply:

  1. Send us a message: careers@valomotion.com 
  2. Include your CV and tell us about why you would be a fit to our team!

Or do you know anybody who would be perfect for the job? Give them a shout about us!

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