Two-player games for shared fun and sports

Valo Motion game developers decided to create two-player games to add more social and competitive content to the ValoJump game platform.

Valo Motion’s first two-player game is called Super Stomp. ValoJump setup was awarded in the Best New Product category at the Brass Ring Awards 2019 ceremony.


The games are designed to make the learning of basic trampoline skills fun. Now anybody can enjoy a good trampoline session without feeling a need to do backflips.

Key Features

  • Suitable for any skill level, size and age.
  • Superb training for coordination skills and jump heights.
  • Gets even more experienced jumpers out of breath when they go for the high score.

Click the link below to download the product leaflet:

Super Stomp for Two Players

Super Stomp, players get to compete against their friends in fast-paced matches where they try to stomp each other into the ground before they get a chance to do the same. The competitors need to be quick in your movements, or outsmart their opponent in order to achieve victory. 

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