Our Interactive Game Platforms


ValoJump® is an interactive trampoline game platform that comes with seven entertaining game and training applications, as well as several pre-installed levels. Game selection includes single and two-player games, including the award winning and world’s first two player game for trampolines, Super Stomp!


ValoClimb® is an interactive game platform  for climbing walls that includes seven original games. Games contain dozens of modes and plenty of different levels. Game selection covers single and two-player games, including the viral sensation Climball as well as Shadowlings, a game which interacts with the climber’s shadow!

Benefits of our Interactive Game Platforms

Our game platforms are prime example of a digital attraction that

through significant repeatability and high play-value, for any indoor location. Furthermore, our original games are constantly updated, and we come up with at least one brand new game each year!

Finally, this interactive trampoline game platform presents the park owners with the opportunity to conduct data driven business decisions. Meaning that the game platform comes with cloud service that allows the park owners access user data, analytics and control the video memories that are shared to customers.

What Our Clients Say

Super Park logo - Valo Motion customer
“We have had 5 ValoClimb’s for total 30 months and our customers love them. The system has been really easy to operate and is one of our most popular attractions. We have already ordered more systems for new locations.”
Stacja Grawitacja trampoline park logo Valo Motion customer
“ValoJump is a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment"
Westwood club logo – Valo Motion customer
“I think ValoClimb is great and so user friendly! We get a lot of usage for it and our members love it.”
Fit rocks climbing gym logo – Valo Motion customer
“Amazing product and service. Set up was very easy (considering what is being done) and the quality of materials and measurements was very high. Online support was amazing. The way you all quickly answered emails, and took over the unit to calibrate it and make it work was awesome. Made our lives way easier”

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We are Already in 300+ Locations

We are happy to say that our products can already be found in over 300+ locations. Our customers include trampoline parks like Sky ZoneJump SquareAltitude Trampoline Park and Big Air. Our products are also popular in FEC’s such as Super Park; fitness clubs like Konami; and hotels and resorts such as Club Med.

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Big Air trampoline park logo - Valo Motion customer
Super Park logo - Valo Motion customer
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