Why and How to Choose a Digital Attraction?

Simply put, a digital attraction can help leisure and attraction industry professionals – such as trampoline parks, FEC’s, soft play locations, fitness clubs as well as hotels and resorts – become successful and stay relevant Read more

We donated money to protect primeval forest in Finland

In order to kick off the year 2020 in good spirits, we donated money for the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation to protect Finnish primeval forest! We also have some plans for some carbon neutral shipping in 2020​.

Our augmented climbing wall at Beastmarker International Footless Festival​

We were super excited about the opportunity to partner with Beastmaker for their Beastmaker International Footless Festival (BIFF) held at Climbing Works in Sheffield on the 25th of January. To bring our interactive twist to this festival, BIFF invited us to bring our augmented climbing wall ValoClimb as part of the qualification rounds as well as the grande finale!

Skytails Race

In addition to this multiplayer game, each ValoJump® game platform comes with 7 entertaining games and training applications, including a single player version for Skytails.

Two-Player Games & Applications

Two-player games for shared fun and sports Valo Motion game developers decided to create two-player games to add more social and competitive content to the ValoJump game platform. Valo Motion’s first two-player game is called Read more

Want to be inside our video games?

Our Interactive Game Platforms ValoJump® https://youtu.be/bSHxNkxMr74 ValoJump® is an interactive trampoline game platform that comes with seven entertaining game and training applications, as well as several pre-installed levels. Game selection includes single and two-player games, including Read more


Bring Lost Shadowlings Home by Using Just Your Shadow Shadowlings is now available for ValoClimb®, the world’s first augmented climbing wall. In fact, ValoClimb is a game platform that comes with several interactive games. Shadowlings Read more