ValoJump logo – AR trampoline game platform for indoor locations and trampoline parks

Digital trampoline game

ValoJump is an award-winning fully automatic digital attraction that has been designed to enhance repeatability and to have significant play-value. ValoJump comes in different models that are full of high quality and exciting games. ValoJump is a great fit for any indoor location and can already be found in over 125 locations spread across almost 30 countries.

We designed ValoJump to offer versatility in a small space. ValoJump helps indoor leisure industry operators to increase their competitive advantage and to maximise the floor-space revenue while allowing flexibility with monetisation. We even launched an Active Esport League, ValoLeague, that is designed to boost revisits and to create unforgettable visitor experiences

Finally, we want to offer our customers peace of mind. That is why ValoJump comes with Valo Motion Service that includes 24/7 Customer Care and regular system and game updates.

ValoJump is for every location

ValoJump logo – AR trampoline game platform for indoor locations and trampoline parks

ValoJump is safe, fully-automated (no personnel needed) and hygienic (no wearables) digital attraction. To fit a variety of different customer types and locations, the ValoJump product line includes two different models: ValoJump Model 86 and ValoJump Model 55 where the main difference is the screen size. Both models are equally optimal when retrofitted to an existing location with a trampoline or when our customers are looking to design a completely new park. Click here to read about the technical specifications.

ValoJump Model 86 – for ultimate immersive experience
ValoJump Model 55 – fully enclosed & impact protected

These two models can be played either when jumping on a trampoline or on an air track. The customers can also buy the award-winning ValoJump double setup, where two systems connect together and allow the players to play the same game together while jumping on separate trampolines!

ValoJump double setup for single mixed reality trampoline games
ValoJump with double setup – trampoline
ValoJump air double setup
ValoJump air with double setup – air track

ValoJump was launched in 2019 and has already reached

ValoJump logo – AR trampoline game platform for indoor locations and trampoline parks

ROI generation and marketing tools

One great way to generate high value and fast ROI are the game videos. After each game, the player is invited to share their “Selfie Video” with the world. In fact, the players love to share their “Selfie Videos” onlineEach ValoJump unit comes with a touchscreen, which makes the video-sharing quick, fun and easy. For additional visibility, the operator can add their logo to these videos. The logo can be added quickly and without fuss.

ValoJump touchscreen for sharing videos and highscores online
Player retrieves the "Selfie Video" from the touchscreens
The operator can add their logo to the "Selfie Video"

Another excellent way to generate fast ROI is the fact that the ValoJump screens can be used to show advertisement in between games. This way our customers can advertise something happening within their park, like special offers or birthday parties. Other option that has proven to be very successful is to show sponsored ads to generate additional income for the location.

ValoJump screens can be used to show advertisement

In addition, when we design our single and two-player games, we focus on the visitor play-value. We believe that high satisfaction from the visitors can maximise repeatability and generate ROI for the operators. Despite the variety in the types of games, they all have one thing in common: our game designers have always aimed for a high-quality gaming experience creating games that are exhilarating to play and super fun to watch. In fact, to really boost repeat visits, we have even created ValoLeague, the first-ever Active eSports League, that comes with its own app, The ValoApp! 

By merging digital and physical sports with the added competitive play element, ValoLeague adds another layer of game experience. ValoLeague can help to create fun experiences that players want to live, again and again, a fun adventure they want to share with their friends and family.

Denis Lopatin is happy to announce that ValoJump brings gaming to trampolines and lines of eager players to his park. Download the case study to find out why Denis thinks that although there are a lot of digital gaming solutions out there, only ValoJump is worth the investment.

Click the link below to download the full case study:

Finally, we also did not want to forget high through-putThat is we the ValoJump game arsenal includes two-player games, like Jumpball and Super Stomp. In addition, our customers can modify the duration of the games and make them shorter during the days or hours the park has more visitors.

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All in all, it seems that the visitors like our games. Together, both our products, ValoClimb and ValoJump, have up to 45000+ players per day. Also, our customers seem to be happy, have a look what they have said about ValoJump.

"Valo Motion is going to be a game changer."
"It's a 12/10 product and 100% worth the investment"​
"After experiencing ValoJump, it will be hard to get our guests excited about the other activities in our park."
"Our customers love them!! The ValoJumps are the main attraction in our trampoline park."

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