Plug 'n Play Package

ValoClimb – the original augmented climbing wall gaming platform consists of four parts: 1) hardware and software 2) games and applications 3) cloud service 4) support for operators.

If you don’t have a climbing wall, we can provide one through our global partner network.

Hardware and software

  • Mounting pylon, with cover
  • Short-throw projector
  • Depth sensor and video camera
  • Dust and impact protection
  • Adjustable tilt and rotation
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Unique ValoVision motion tracking software

Advanced motion tracking with ValoVision software

Our unique ValoVision software allows us to do highly responsive, accurate and reliable motion tracking with no wearables needed. The ValoClimb system can be used with almost any climbing wall, and our software even automatically maps the holds on the climbing wall.

Dust Sealed Enclosure

The unit shown above is bolted onto the floor, but ceiling and wall mounting options are also available.

Note that all of the sensitive electronics are protected from dust and impacts by our custom enclosure. We thoroughly tested different “fully sealed” projectors in a typical bouldering gym and saw them deteriorate and fail one after the other. We refuse to sell a product with that kind of life expectancy, so instead we designed a pretty little box for it.

To make a long story short, the video projector and computer sit in their own temperature controlled cleanroom.

Games and Applications

Now available with five applications pre-installed. ValoClimb keeps attracting players with new games and features that are constantly developed. These will be automatically installed for you.

Check out the current games here.

Cloud Service

Each unit is connected to our cloud service allowing easy maintenance and monitoring. The service features:

  • System scheduling, so that it turns on and off automatically
  • Manage ads shown on wall
  • Enable/disable games and applications
  • View statistics
  • Get automatic updates
  • Video sending for customers
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