We were extremely happy to see the excitement that our ValoClimb – the world’s first interactive game platform for climbing walls – raised last week in Munich. Climbers of all ages and skill-levels rose on our wall in three different locations – at Globetrotter store installation in Munich, at the ISPO Digitize, and at the esport and the professionally organised gaming festival, ES_COM. But why stop there? In the spirits of esports, gaming and fun, we also organized two friendly Speed Climbing Competitions with Flash – our speed climbing application for ValoClimb. After a tight battle, the lucky winners earned their spots on the Valo Motion’s wall of fame! 

Flash by Valo Motion – Speed Climbing Made Fun

“We spent some exciting days in Munich last week where our ValoClimb™, fully automatic climbing game platform was on display in three different locations. During these events, we collected an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, ” said Valo Motion’s Sales Manager, Michael Grozewski. “I think it’s safe to say that we would be more than happy to have another go with these events, anytime,” Michael concludes.


In addition to competitive gaming and exercise, Flash is also good fun since the game is packed with stunning graphics and sounds, thus offering a fully immersive gaming experience to the climbers as well as the audience. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the spectators got their money’s worth when witnessing over 600 games in few short days. The grand total came down to 227 games been played on Saturday, 194 games on Monday and 183 games on Tuesday! 

In order to keep things interesting, we wanted to offer any willing man, woman or child the opportunity to put their skills to the test when playing Flash on our fully immersive climbing game platform, ValoClimb. We were completely taken aback by the overwhelming number of the brave souls who were ready to face the Speed Climbing Competition challenge head on!

The competitions were organised at the Globetrotter’s store as well as at the ISPO Digitize, where players competed for Globetrotter Vouchers and Glory! There’s no denying it, the competition was tough, to say the very least, and each player seemed to have their own unique style and strategy. After much blood, sweat and tears (of joy), we are proud to announce that the lucky winners at the Globetrotter store are:

  1. Alexander Albert with 2,11 seconds
  2. Felix Rottmann with 2,13 seconds
  3. Valentin Costa with 2,33 seconds
1st place: Alexander Albert with 2,114 seconds
2nd place: Felix Rottmann with 2,134 seconds
3rd place: Valentin Costa with 2,332 seconds

The winners at the ISPO Digitize are: 

  1. Marina Klinner with 4,84 seconds
  2. Franz Gröbner with 4,90 seconds
  3. Julien Wallner with 6,27 seconds 
1st place: Marina Klinner with 4,84 seconds
2nd place: Franz Gröbner with 4,90 seconds
3rd place: Julien Wallner with 6,27 seconds

Congratulations to the winners, extremely well done. For this particular game level, their performances rival with the fastest games so far. Do you think you can do better? You should give it a go and visit one of our over 200 partner’s locations around the world, you can find them through the link below!


One of the definite highlights of the week, in addition to these grooling games of course, were the honorable guests that came to show their skills on our ValoClimb™ walls. On the top of our list is the Bavarian Minister of Digitalisation Judith Gerlach. who came to enjoy several games of Climball on our ValoClimb™ wall.

Bavarian Minister of Digitalisation Judith Gerlach starting her winning streak with ValoClimb™'s Climball game

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