We are extremely proud to reveal our new brand at the same time with our new product ValoJump!
Our product family is growing with a completely new sport and we wanted to unify our look to have stronger bond between the company and its products. The new look will be gradually applied in the future, so don’t be surprised if you see changes on the website and our new logos popping up in our materials during this spring.

The New Logos

Valo Motion's new logos
The changes makes it easier for our customers and fans to recognize all current and future Valo Motion products and the high quality & fun we offer. It also makes the product names easier to remember as we have gotten continuous feedback that augmented climbing wall was too difficult to remember and pronounce.

Main changes in brief:

  • Augmented Climbing Wall is renamed to ValoClimb and not to forget our roots we are using tagline: ValoClimb – the original augmented climbing wall.
  • Our new trampoline product is called ValoJump
  • Company logo is new and the main website url will be in the future: www.valomotion.com
  • All social media channels will be renamed after the company Valo Motion and tagging will be @valomotion

Product Names

As you may have noticed, all our products are named in a same form: they start with word Valo in reference to the company and then contain a word for the sport. The word relating to the sport starts with a capital letter.
Ps: Did you know that “Valo” – is a Finnish word for light. We use “valo” to detect your movement and create unforgettable experiences around you.